Haralambos "Bobby" GeroulanosHaralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos is currently studying business and finance at the University of Miami. A Brooklyn native who grew up traveling all over the Western Hemisphere with his family, Haralambos Geroulanos is always looking for opportunities to learn new languages, explore other cultures, and expand his global perspective.

Haralambos Georulanos is passionate about volunteering and community involvement. Some of his experiences have taken him overseas, while others allow him to make a difference right in his home state of New York. Bobby was part of the Greek School of Plato in Brooklyn for 5+ years, during which time he was the Greek band drummer and participated in the area’s Greek Independence Day Parade.

Before college, Haralambos Geroulanos often spent time working at Trident Developers NY LLC and also at Spinn Construction LLC. Bobby Geroualnos worked his way through the companies, started first as a manual laborer at Trident Developers. He values hard work and isn’t afraid to put in the time and effort to get where he wants to be.